Business Transformation Project Management Officer at AXA Mansard

Business Transformation Project Management Officer at AXA Mansard

Working within the Business Transformation Team and with Project Managers and

Sponsors for on-time and on-budget delivery of Company Project portfolio primarily

by ensuring that the technology, programming and IT development requirements of

projects and business transformation initiatives are efficiently managed.

Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities

Role Overview

  • The BT Project Management Officer sits at the centre of project management &

business transformation and will be responsible for:

  • ensuring all strategy and business transformation initiatives are mapped to

individual discrete projects

  • drive the collaboration with the Technology team
  • Provide support to all strategy and business transformation projects that

require technology support, especially in developing new applications and


  • ensuring projects are properly tracked through the use of relevant templates

and tools

  • monitoring projects for timely and on-budget conclusions
  • confirming that final project results and outcomes are in line with the original

strategic or business transformation objectives they were meant to achieve.

  • As part of the Business Transformation team the BTPMO will develop and

maintain an in-depth knowledge of the company’s strategies, business units,

technology applications, transformation drivers and financial performance

expectations to ensure proper oversight over the Company’s Project portfolio

most especially in the use of technology to achieve project objectives.

Project Management

  • Use Agile methodology and other similar approaches to own the annual and

quarterly strategy and transformation project portfolio submission process,

working the Project Managers and Sponsors and Regional team as applicable.

  • Apply project management methodologies in managing the execution of projects

& transformation initiatives leveraging on AXA’s methodology.

AXA Mansard Insurance Plc

Job Description for Business Transformation Project Management Officer

  • Manage project stakeholders including Project Sponsors, leads and team members

to ensure project objectives are met.

  • Collate projects into programs and monitor the achievement of overall program

benefits and report on how the individual projects fit into the program objectives.

  • Prepare relevant summary reports annually and monthly on the Company Project


Business Transformation

  • Drive the achievement of all BTU projects by collaborating with Technology
  • Work & collaborate with Business Transformation project teams on research to

identify best practices in their project areas.

  • As a member of the Business Transformation unit, participate in other aspects of

unit activities

Required Skills and Competencies

  • Good oral communication and professional writing skills
  • Good knowledge of financial markets and financial services industry
  • High proficiency in use of IT and technology
  • Excellent interpersonal and team building skills
  • Problem solving and Analytical skills
  • Project Management Training or experience
  • Experience with or good knowledge of Agile methodology
  • Excellent presentation and facilitation skills
  • Numerate, with research and data analysis skills
  • Sound knowledge of Programming languages especially “Ember“ will be an

added advantage

  • Sound knowledge of Application development skills
  • Knowledge of Client-side scripting languages: JavaScript (JQuery, Node.js,

Angular etc.), VBScript

Qualification & Required Experience

  • 5 years total working experience (inclusive of experience in Project teams and/or

large company wide initiatives)

  • Strong academic and/or professional records and training
  • Relevant first degree in Computer Science, Mathematical Sciences,

Electrical/Electronic Engineering, or Computer Engineering with at least 2 years

cognate experience in systems, web development and database administration.

  • Project Management qualifications will be an added advantage


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